8 Intriguing Strategies to Continue Discussions


Now that you know how to respond thoughtfully and substantively to a discussion question, it’s important to focus on ending your postings in a way that furthers conversation.

Effectively encourage your peers to respond to your postings by using one of these strategies to invite further discussion:

  • Propose a new idea for feedback.
  • Ask for clarification or further explanation about an aspect of the question you had trouble answering.
  • Ask your peers to make a connection between the topic and another piece of literature, movie, or something they have personally experienced.
  • Invite your peers to draw a different conclusion or share another perspective.
  • If you presented an opinion or idea about the given topic that was not addressed in the question, ask your peers to respond to it.
  • Pose a follow-up question to the group to expand the conversation or shift it in a new direction.
  • Present a controversial idea or statement, and ask students if they agree or disagree with the statement.
  • Encourage students to ask questions about the points you made if anything was confusing or unclear.

Examples of intriguing strategies:

“Did anyone else reach a different conclusion based on the reading?”


“I was able to relate this to ______________, did anyone else make an interesting connection to the this topic?”


“I am confused about ______________.  Does anyone have any ideas or insights that might help me understand?”


“Answering this question made me wonder _______________?”


“I had a hard time articulating my ideas. Does anyone have a question about my posting or the ideas I communicated in my posting?”


“This topic was not presented in the question, but does anyone have an opinion about __________________?”


“On the other hand, has anyone considered ______________?”


“It seems like a majority of the class agreed that ______________. Does anyone disagree or want to play devil’s advocate?”


“I chose option _______________, but I am interested to hear what other students think about option _______________.”


“How can we connect this conversation to our previous discussion of ______________?”


“Despite feeling passionately about my own view point, I am interested to hear what other students thought about this topic.”


“I would love to hear another perspective on this issue since I had a hard time forming my own opinion.”


Catlin Tucker is a Google Certified Teacher teaching English at Sonoma County’s Windsor High School. She is a curriculum designer, speaker, and author of Blended Learning in Grades 4-12: Leveraging the Power of Technology to Create Student-Centered Classrooms available at www.corwin.com/books/Book238106.