Collaborize Classroom Common Core White Paper


This white paper offers educators a vehicle to teach students more effectively, while addressing the Common Core State Standards using a blended learning model that combines face-to-face instruction with asynchronous work done online.

  • I. Executive Summary
  • II. Rise in Blended Learning in K-12
  • III. The History of Academic Standards in the United States
  • IV. The Case for Using Collaborize Classroom to Address the Standards and Improve Learning for All Students
    • 1. Technology Integration
    • 2. Online Discussions: Improve Speaking and Listening Skills
    • 3. Writing Across the Curriculum
    • 4. Increase and Maintain Interest in STEM Subjects
    • 5. Teaching Media Literacy
    • 6. Differentiating Instruction.
    • 7. Engaging Higher Order Thinking
  • V. Conclusion: Benefits of Using Collaborize Classroom to Create a Blended Learning Model to Address the Common Core State Standards
  • VI. Sources

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