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Are Your Students Organizationally Challenged? The Web Can Help!

Do many of your students struggle to keep their notebooks and backpacks organized? Are you constantly being asked for another copy of an assignment or handout? Learn how you can use free web technology to minimize your paper trail and get your students organized. Join Catlin Tucker as she explores free web technology that can help your students to access and archive digital information, which saving you time, paper, and frustration!

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Give Your Low-Tech Classroom a Mobile Makeover!

Are you frustrated by the lack of technology in your classroom? Why not harness the power of mobile devices to engage your students and amplify their curiosity? Teach your students how to leverage their mobile devices to research, problem solve, communicate, collaborate and create! Catlin Tucker will explain how only a fraction of your students actually need a mobile device for you to successfully create a high-tech classroom. In this webinar, you will explore a variety of free education apps, learn how to use QR codes in the classroom, and walk away with tons of ideas for how you can use mobile devices to create a student-centered classroom.

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Make Blended Learning Easy: Getting Started with Collaborize Classroom

Are you ready to try blended learning and engage your students online? Collaborize Classroom, a free collaborative platform, makes it easy for you to set up discussions, reduce grading time, save on printing costs, access online curriculum, download topic-based lessons, and much more!


If you would you like to use Collaborize Classroom with your students next year, this hands-on webinar will get you ready! We will help you set up your Collaborize Classroom so it is ready for your students in fall. You will learn how to organize your categories, create student groups, start discussions, and access the Collaborize Classroom Topic Library!

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Introduction to the Common Core: Getting Students College and Career Ready

As more and more states move towards adopting Common Core State Standards, more and more educators have lots of questions. What are the Common Core Standards? Why were they developed? What does “college and career ready” mean? How are the Standards organized? In this webinar, join Catlin Tucker as she answers these questions and more to demystify the Common Core Standards.

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Common Core: Integrating Web 2.0 Technology to Teach ELA Standards

Do you teach English, history, or science? In this webinar, you will learn how you can leverage Web 2.0 technology to effectively teach the Common Core State Standards for your subject area. Catlin Tucker will show how you can engage your students online and help them to develop digital writing, research, communication, and collaboration skills that are necessary for success beyond high school.

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Common Core: Integrating Web 2.0 Technology to Teach Math Standards

The Common Core State Standards for math stress real-life relevance, which creates opportunities for educators to take examples from life to motivate problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration. Students must be able to explain their process and critique the reasoning of others. This is easier to do when students use online tools to explore and discuss mathematical concepts and demonstrate math modeling. Catlin Tucker shares how you can use Web 2.0 technology to actively engage your students and drive higher-order thinking.

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Simple K12 Online Educational Conference

Digital Writing: Communicate, Collaborate & Create

In an era of texting, tweeting, Facebook updates, and blogging, digital writing is a necessary skill to success beyond the classroom. Learn how you can use, blogs, asynchronous discussions, online journaling and more to teach digital writing. Foster collaboration and eliminate piles of paperwork while engaging higher order thinking skills.


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3 Student-driven Projects: Using a Blended Learning Model

Not enough time to cover everything you’d like to do in class? What if you could increase the amount of material covered and easily facilitate student-driven projects using asynchronous, online discussions? In this session, we will cover how to group students online, facilitate focused conversations, and engage them in collaborative group work using an online learning platform. Learn how you can create more opportunities for students to work together explore, problem-solve, think critically and create! This presentation will present three different multidisciplinary project structures that can be facilitated in a blended learning model –combining work in the physical classroom with work done online – to increase student engagement.

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Bring Shakespeare to Life with Online Discussions

Have you been looking for a way to shake up your Shakespeare curriculum with fun creative activities? In this webinar, we will show yu how to encourage students to enjoy the language instead of being intimidated by it. We will explore how students can pair their favorite music with scenes from Shakespeare’s famous plays with the Shakespeare Soundtrack Project, and s how students can vent their frustrations in original insult sonnets using the Bard’s witty wording. You will discover how to invite the drama into your classroom with modern re-writes, comic strips and dramatic re-enactments. These activities and more will help you bring Shakespeare to life for your students!

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Teaching to Common Core State Standards Using Blended Instruction

Overwhelmed by the idea of transitioning to a new set of standards? Don’t be! Join me for a webinar that will discuss concrete strategies for how you can leverage blended learning, online discussions and group collaboration to address the Common Core State Standards. Teach technology and media literacy while providing students more opportunities to develop their reading, writing, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills. More effectively prepare your students for life beyond high school!

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Safe, Structured, and Free Online Book Clubs

In this session, you will learn how to create an online book club that encourages outside reading, active listening and reflective writing about topics they care about, while learning digital citizenship and Internet safety.  We will discuss how to create new avenues for librarians to connect with students online and bring more students into the library through engaging follow-on events and activities.

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Create a Safe Space Online: Online Discussions (Part 1)

Join high school English teacher Catlin Tucker as she discusses the importance of establishing a safe space online to ensure that online student conversations are respectful and supportive. She’ll explain how laying a firm foundation for your work online will ensure that your discussions will be more successful long term. (This is part 1 of a 4-part series on Integrating Online Discussions in Blended Learning.)

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The Art of Asking Questions: Online Discussions (Part 2)

Join high school English teacher Catlin Tucker as she discusses strategies for designing questions that will support dynamic student driven discussions. She’ll provide example questions that will help guide you in successfully creating your own quality questions. This webinar will also explore the benefits of embedding multimedia into discussions and experimenting with a variety of question types. (This is part 2 of a 4-part series on Integrating Online Discussions in Blended Learning.)

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Say Something Substantial: Online Discussions (Part 3)

Join high school English teacher Catlin Tucker as she demonstrates how to support students in saying something substantial in their conversations with one another online. She’ll discuss strategies for responding to a question so that the discussion moves forward, as well as cover intriguing exit strategies that encourage students to comment on each others’ postings. (This is part 3 of a 4-part series on Integrating Online Discussions in Blended Learning.)

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Your Role, Weaving Strategies, and Assessing It All: Online Discussions (Part 4)

Join high school English teacher Catlin Tucker as she demonstrates why and how to define a realistic role for yourself as a facilitator. She’ll cover how to effectively weave online discussions back into your classroom to make your work online more meaningful. She will also explain how students will recognize the value of participation if it is used to drive instruction in class. (This is part 4 of a 4-part series on Integrating Online Discussions in Blended Learning.)

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Flip Your Classroom with Online Discussions

Would you like to maximize your precious class time to more effectively engage students? Flip your instruction and present content online – video lectures, podcasts, documentaries, demonstrations, lecture notes – and pair that information with dynamic discussion questions and/or tasks to increase retention and drive higher-level thinking. Make your homework an interactive experience instead of a solitary practice. Free up class time for more hands-on practicum, collaborative group work, artistic projects, labs and experiments. Join high school English teacher Catlin Tucker to learn how to more effectively engage students both inside and outside of the classroom!

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Inspired by Media: Creative Writing in the Digital Age

Would you like to spice up writing assignments for your students and get them energized about writing? In this webinar, we’ll cover how to embed media – photography, artwork, and videos – into creative writing tasks using an online learning platform to inspire short stories, poetry, articles, historical fiction and more! We’ll show you how to use creative writing to address the Core Common Standards for writing and literacy in English and history! We’ll also share how you can get students to write more, publish immediately and receive quality peer feedback.

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Students Write More; You Grade Less!

Do you want your students to write more, but don’t know how you would grade it all? In this webinar we’ll show you how to use online discussions and group collaboration to support a variety of writing assignments and spend a fraction of the time grading. We’ll also cover how to use your Collaborize Classroom site to get students writing more to address the Core Common Standards across the curriculum.

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Fighting Engagement Deficit Disorder with Blended Instruction

Getting and keeping your students’ attention can frequently be a challenge. In this webinar, we’ll explore how to re-engage students who have mentally checked out with fun, instructional strategies that blend work done online with the work done in the classroom to effectively put students in the center of the learning process. Your students are technology natives, so we will show how to use technology to maximize their interest and appeal to their senses. You’ll discover how online discussions, flipping your instruction, using mobile devices and assigning creative projects online can excite curiosity and increase engagement while teaching communication and collaboration skills.

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How To Engage Students Online

In this 60-minute webinar, join SimpleK12 and honors teacher Catlin Tucker as they discuss the best ways to increase participation and improve discussions by getting started with engaging students in private online communities. This webinar will support you in adopting a blended learning model that combines the best of both worlds: the benefits of in-class instruction with the flexibility of online discussions. Explore strategies for establishing and maintaining a safe space in private, online communities to facilitate successful, and sustainable conversations that include all students.

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